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Profiling? Oh, yeah.

I was keen to attend a lecture by author Raymond Szymanski who’d just written a book called, “Fifty Shades of Greys,” referring to the pesky big-eyed aliens commonly known for abducting humans. He was speaking at the local UFO meeting, so I thought I’d stop by and at least check out his book. Having witnessed UFO’s with my own eyes, this is a topic I find intriguing.

I arrived early and sat in my car checking email for a few minute when I noticed a parade of characters in my rearview mirror – over 60, balding, bearded, in faded plaid, worn tennis shoes, and windbreakers. It occurred to me that subject matter attracted a particular demographic. Perhaps the type that spent their nights wearing headphones connected to parabolic devices,  one eye glued to a high-powered telescope from the roof of their octogenarian mother’s house.

In my lavender pants and pink, green, and white floral bag, I would stick out like a church lady in a biker bar.

When the Uni-bomber dude – black hoodie, black jeans, black shoes and matching backpack passed behind me, I decided that perhaps I was a tad over-dressed for the event. (Did he think the greys couldn’t see black with their huge black eyes?)

And what if I was the only female? What if they wanted an email address for future notifications? What if they wanted to (gulp) engage with me?

Hey, I just wanted to hear the speaker, his findings, and research data. I didn’t want to become FB friends or subscribe to some conspiracy theory newsletter or be interrogated by a bunch of former military guys.

Honestly, I think I’d have felt more comfortable in a room sitting next to this guy instead of Mr. Uni-bomber.

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Was I stereotyping? Profiling? Absolutely. Just like the little grey guys do when they select their specimens for experimentation.

Now, I may well have had a fantastic time, learned some new things, made a couple new friends with a common interest . . .  Then again, if the truth is out there, it can probably be found on Amazon!

Mr. Szymanski, forgive my absence. I don’t always boldly go where I don’t comfortably blend.

Just Plain Strange

Aliens Exist! Proof Confirmed!

Alien ship
(Photo by Getty Images)

Most of us who believe in the existence of life on other planets never required proof. But this might be the closest we get.


No UFO love for Joe


Last night on Joe Rogan Questions Everything he set about finding proof that aliens not only exist, but made contact with us, and the US Government covered it up.

He got a lot of people to tell him third and fourth generation stories, yet the actual sources of those stories were either dead or unavailable for further comment. The only guy with anything physical produced tiny BB like spheres that had come out of human body – in a sneeze. When Joe took one of those spheres for scientific analysis, they were composed of gold and silver, not an unidentifiable metal not found on Earth. One woman showed photos of her scar she thought came from an invasive alien procedure on her ovaries.

No one had physical proof that anything came from aliens. Just like Bigfoot, no one has found enough physical evidence to provide proof that aliens have been here and interacted with us.

But do we really need proof? Most people don’t seem to require proof of God to be believers.

When I was nine, I saw two gigantic UFO’s. In fact, my parents and I jumped in the family pickup and followed them about seven miles to the edge of the next town where they stopped to hover silently over a hay field. It was summer in western NY. Skies were cloudless and blue. No weather balloons, no planes, nothing but two snow white, oblong things staring down from the sky. I’ll guess they were 5,000 feet in the air, so the size was difficult to determine, but they looked to me a couple football fields in length.

They hung there, motionless and soundless, for about twenty minutes before rising, getting smaller and vanishing very quickly like the space shuttle does when it leaves our atmosphere. One moment they were there, and by the count of three they were gone.

Now, you might say, “But you were nine. You’re memory has got to be pretty unreliable.” I’ll give you that, but I wasn’t the only witness. There were at least thirty others who followed them to that hayfield. It made the front page of the local paper. No one had any explanation and surprisingly, no military or weather comments were offered to explain them away. I have since tried to access their archives to find that story, but alas, cannot, almost as if it never happened.

I don’t require proof. I saw what I saw, and was not influenced by exaggerated stories of adults.

But eyewitness accounts are, as Joe says, not proof, but stories. I believe aliens have made contact. That’s my story.